Verb details

Word:bachcharbaKKar  بـَخّـَر


for actions that happened in the past

I steamed'ana bachchartaacnaa baKKart أنا َ بـَخّـَرت
We steamed'ihna bachcharnaiicHnaa baKKarnaa إحنا َ بـَخّـَرنا
You(m) steamed'inta bachchartiicnta baKKart إنت َ بـَخّـَرت
You(f) steamed'inti bachchartiiicnti baKKarty إنت ِ بـَخّـَرتي
You(pl) steamed'intu bachchartuiicntoo baKKartoo إنتوا بـَخّـَرتوا
He/it(m) steamedhuwa bachcharhuwa baKKar هـُو َ بـَخّـَر
She/it(f) steamedhiya bachcharithiya baKKarit هـِي َ بـَخّـَر ِت
They steamedhumma bachcharuhumma baKKaroo هـُمّ َ بـَخّـَروا


used with modals (must, should, could, want to...

I might steam'ana yimkin 'abachcharaacnaa yimkin aacbaKKar أنا َ يـِمكـِن أبـَخّـَر
We might steam'ihna yimkin nibachchariicHnaa yimkin nibaKKar إحنا َ يـِمكـِن نـِبـَخّـَر
You(m) might steam'inta yimkin tibachchariicnta yimkin tibaKKar إنت َ يـِمكـِن تـِبـَخّـَر
You(f) might steam'inti yimkin tibachchariiicnti yimkin tibaKKary إنت ِ يـِمكـِن تـِبـَخّـَري
You(pl) might steam'intu yimkin tibachcharuiicntoo yimkin tibaKKaroo إنتوا يـِمكـِن تـِبـَخّـَروا
He/it(m) might steamhuwa yimkin yibachcharhuwa yimkin yibaKKar هـُو َ يـِمكـِن يـِبـَخّـَر
She/it(f) might steamhiya yimkin tibachcharhiya yimkin tibaKKar هـِي َ يـِمكـِن تـِبـَخّـَر
They might steamhumma yimkin yibachcharuhumma yimkin yibaKKaroo هـُمّ َ يـِمكـِن يـِبـَخّـَروا


for actions happening now and habitual actions

I steam'ana babachcharaacnaa babaKKar أنا َ بـَبـَخّـَر
We steam'ihna binibachchariicHnaa binibaKKar إحنا َ بـِنـِبـَخّـَر
You(m) steam'inta bitibachchariicnta bitibaKKar إنت َ بـِتـِبـَخّـَر
You(f) steam'inti bitibachchariiicnti bitibaKKary إنت ِ بـِتـِبـَخّـَري
You(pl) steam'intu bitibachcharuiicntoo bitibaKKaroo إنتوا بـِتـِبـَخّـَروا
He/it(m) steamshuwa biyibachcharhuwa biyibaKKar هـُو َ بـِيـِبـَخّـَر
She/it(f) steamshiya bitibachcharhiya bitibaKKar هـِي َ بـِتـِبـَخّـَر
They steamhumma biyibachcharuhumma biyibaKKaroo هـُمّ َ بـِيـِبـَخّـَروا


for actions that will happen in the future

I will steam'ana habachcharaacnaa habaKKar أنا َ هـَبـَخّـَر
We will steam'ihna hanibachchariicHnaa hanibaKKar إحنا َ هـَنـِبـَخّـَر
You(m) will steam'inta hatibachchariicnta hatibaKKar إنت َ هـَتـِبـَخّـَر
You(f) will steam'inti hatibachchariiicnti hatibaKKary إنت ِ هـَتـِبـَخّـَري
You(pl) will steam'intu hatibachcharuiicntoo hatibaKKaroo إنتوا هـَتـِبـَخّـَروا
He/it(m) will steamhuwa hayibachcharhuwa hayibaKKar هـُو َ هـَيـِبـَخّـَر
She/it(f) will steamhiya hatibachcharhiya hatibaKKar هـِي َ هـَتـِبـَخّـَر
They will steamhumma hayibachcharuhumma hayibaKKaroo هـُمّ َ هـَيـِبـَخّـَروا


telling somebody to do something

You(m) steam!'ibchariicbKar إبخـَر
You(f) steam!'ibchariiicbKary إبخـَري
You(pl) steam!ibcharuibKaroo ِبخـَروا

Passive Participle

when something has been acted upon

He/it(m) is steamedhuwa mibachcharhuwa mibaKKar هـُو َ مـِبـَخّـَر
She/it(f) is steamedhiya mibachcharahiya mibaKKaraö هـِي َ مـِبـَخّـَر َة
They are steamedhumma mibachchareenhumma mibaKKaryn هـُمّ َ مـِبـَخّـَرين