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The android app is more than just a dictionary: it is an extensive set of learning tools for students of Egyptian Arabic. It contains:

  • a powerful search facility, so that you can find an English or Egyptian word even if you are not sure how to spell it
  • a conventional dictionary, with English or Egyptian words in alphabetical order
  • a thesaurus, which lists words with similar or related meanings
  • a vocabulary learning tool to help you to learn and remember new words
  • a pronunciation tool to improve your pronunciation
  • a tool to help you to learn to read and write arabic
  • an introduction to Egyptian Arabic grammar

The dictionary is stored on your Android device, so you get an instant response to queries. And, of course, you can use it for free, anywhere, even if you have no network coverage.

There are recordings of all words and examples: your device can download the sounds as required, or you can download all of the sounds for a language so that you get instant playback, even when you don't have an internet connection

You can search for words in your own language using the android keyboard, but if you are not familiar with the alphabet or the keyboard layout of the other language, you can use the app keyboard. For arabic, the app keyboard can be either in arabic writing or in european writing.

Using the search facility, you can type in a word (maybe with spelling mistakes) and get a list of the words that are closest to the word that you entered. Initially, the app shows a minimum of details for each word.

Touch a word entry to see the corresponding words in the other language as well..

Touch the word entry again to see all of the grammatical forms for the word and an example sentence that uses the word.

Touch one of the buttons to hear somebody saying the word form or example.

The dictionary gives you a list of words in alphabetical order.

The thesaurus provides listings of words with similar meanings

Touch a word in a list view (search, dictionary or thesaurus) to see full details for the word, its grammatical forms, several examples (if available) and some words with similar spellings. You can swipe to see the next or previous word in the list that you started from.

For verbs, you can also get a full listing of the perfect, imperfect, bi-and ha-imperfect, imperative and participles.

Click on a syntax keyword (eg noun) to go directly to the corresponding section of the Egyptian arabic grammar. The guide to Egyptian Arabic grammar is built into the app.

You can add useful words to your personal vocabulary list, then use the vocabulary learning tool to help you to learn and revise them

You can browse through over 1,500 example sentences. If you touch a word in the example or the translation, you will see full details of the word. The app also highlights the corresponding word in the other language.

You can learn to read the arabic alphabet- in just ten days!

Then you can practice listening to, reading and writing arabic words until you can do it perfectly

You can improve your arabic or english pronunciation: listen to words containing a group of letters or a phoneme, then record yourself and compare with the correct pronunciation.

You can get the Android app free of charge from Google Play, and then you will automatically be informed of updates. If your device does not support Google Play, you can also download it using the links in the table below and then follow these instructions:

  • Open Settings
  • Open Applications (Android V2.3)
    or Security (Android V4 or higher)
  • Check that Unknown sources is enabled
  • Use the link below to download to your phone
  • Within the browser, Press the Menu button
  • Select . . . More
  • Select Downloads
  • Click on EAD21_13.apk
  • Click on OK to install the application
  • Confirm that the app can use the microphone, access the internet, and store files in your device

The app is compatible with Android 2.1 or higher

Android app version 2.2.2Google PlayRead help
Android app version 2.2.2Download (2.7Mb)
use only if you
cannot use Google Play
Read help
Android app version 2.2Download (2.7Mb)
use only if you
cannot use Google Play
Read help
Android app version 2.1Download (5Mb)
use only if you
cannot use Google Play
Read help

Version 2.2.2

This version contains support for Android Version 6, which introduced additional permission checks before writing to external storage or recording sounds.

In addition, it contains improvements to the sound download facility and a few minor bug fixes.

Version 2.2

  • New! Player feature - just sit back and listen to vocabulary, examples and pronunciation!
  • New! Dictionary view - all words in alphabetical order, like a conventional dictionary
  • New! User interface in arabic
  • New! Gestures- swipe for next word, pinch and stretch to change text size
  • Faster download for sound databases and updates
  • When you select a word in an example, the corresponding word in the other language is highlighted
  • Find example sentences that contain English words (previously only for Egyptian words)
  • Example sentences included in dictionary entries

Version 2.1

  • New! Learn to read and write arabic: a ten-day introduction, followed by unlimited options for practice
  • New! Improve your pronunciation: record yourself and compare with the correct pronunciation
  • Vocabulary learning function now uses SRS (spaced spaced system) for more effective learning
  • Faster search which finds more similar words
  • Expand/collapse word details in search results
  • More example sentences and more ways to find the example you want
  • Over 1000 new words
  • 'Save settings' bug fixed

Version 2.0

  • Re-designed and improved user interface- using new features of Ice Cream Sandwich
  • More display options
  • Over 1500 new words
  • Extended vocabulary learning facilities
  • Egyptian Arabic example sentences
  • Improved reliability

Version 1.6.1

Prevent a crash when the search button is accidentally pressed twice Various minor bug fixes Larger spinner controls for Android 4.x devices Completely revised help

Version 1.6

More reliable database and sound download Stability issues fixed 500 more words

Version 1.5.1

Fix bug in sound download

Version 1.5

New features:

  • thesaurus view
  • vocabulary learning aid
  • stressed-syllable marks
  • egyptian arabic grammar
  • full verb listings

Version 1.4

This version contains about 500 new words.

Version 1.3

This version can play recordings of somebody saying the words: there are currently recordings for nearly all arabic words, and about 20% of english words.

The existing words have been reviewed an corrected, and new words have been added.

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